Poker Tools & Apps

Improve all aspects of your online and live poker game, using the latest state-of-the art trackers, HUDs and solvers to break-down & optimize your plays

The huge increase in computational power the world has seen in the last few decades has enabled the latest state-of-the art poker tools to quickly and easily perform poker evaluations and calculations that were technologically impossible just years ago.

Gone are the days of posting on poker forums, asking the poker-masses and pros what they would do in a given situation, and receiving 10 different answers! Poker solvers and calculators offer data-backed answers to almost every poker situation

Poker training apps, solvers and trackers are now standard 'tools of the trade' for most professional and semi-professional poker players, looking to optimize their plays, and to play profitable, unexploitable poker.

Below we list some of the tools which are used routinely by Top Poker-Pro's

Holdem Manager

Hold'em Manager

Whether you are a casual poker player or a seasoned professional, Hold'em Manager 3 (HM3), and sister product PokerTracker were designed with you in mind. Using a powerful database and poker analysis engine, Hold'em Manager offers powerful analysis tools to enable you to identify and plug leaks in your game, as well as providing valuable realtime data on opponents which you can refer to when it matters most.

After your sessions you can review your results and the play of your opponents, and graph your profits/losses, rakeback, analyze your sessions and much more.

HM3 also has an inbuilt and web-based hand-replayer, and cloud-backup for all of your data - so you will never accidentally lose your player notes or hand histories again!

HEM and PokerTracker are THE industry standards in poker tracking software: 5/5 Rating


"The Poker World is awash with data, and if you're truly serious about poker, capturing and analyzing your plays and those of your opponents in key situations is immensely valuable. You can bet your opponents are using these tools against you."

Poker Snowie


PokerSnowie is a poker training tool for no-limit Texas-Hold'em players.

Snowie uses AI to help you become a stronger player. The software offers a familiar and intuitive interface, and is the perfect sandbox to hone your poker game and avoid expensive mistakes caused by trial and error while playing for real money.

The software trains you via Live advice, preflop advice and via scenarios and evaluations. You can of course import your own poker hands into Poker Snowie for analysis, and there's also a mobile poker training app, enabling you to study and improve your game wherever you are.


"likened to golf, it's like having a top player as your caddy. PokerSnowie accelerates your learning through interaction with a high quality opponent, without the risk of losing your bankroll. It's a shortcut to finding the costliest leaks in your game."



ICMIZER is the most fully featured poker calculator tool of its kind.

Used by 1000's of poker players worldwide, this tool is for those looking to calculate GTO, unexploitable Nash equilibrium push / calls.

Using Independent chip model (ICM) theory, and models (FOSS and basic ChipEV model) the tool is perfect for optimizing your preflop Push/Fold playing strategy.

  • Analyze SNG, MTT, Spin & Go, Knockout, and Progressive Knockout tournaments
  • Calculate Nash equilibrium ranges using the most advanced tournament model FGS (up to depth 6), or with traditional ICM and Chip EV models
  • Run ICM calculations even before the final table of MTT is reached
  • Choose the tournament type from a list of the most popular formats or create custom tournaments

ICMIZER is THE industry standard for EV calculations, truly a 5/5 product


"ICMIZER is the 'go-to' tool for Sit and Go and Tournament players to understand when it makes sense to make a specific call or shove, and knowing 100% that the move was unexploitable, and correct."

20 year anniversary